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Trekking in Nepal

Nepal TrekkingTrekking in Nepal is one of the popular tourism activities in Nepal. It is one of the ways of experiencing the natural beauty and rich cultural heritage of Nepal. Thousands of trekkers visit Nepal each year to capture the spirit of adventure. Trekking in Nepal is not simply walking one day after another, it is rather a gradual way of experiencing of Nepal's diversity in terns of geography, people, religion and a wide range of culture. A trek can be a day hike to get to the top on a mountain or a ridge for the spectacular views of Himalayan peaks or it can be a hiking for a month passing through villages in the shadow of towering snow peaks, valleys, mountain pass experiencing rich culture, custom and the magnificent views of Himalayas in Nepal.

Before 1951 Nepal was inaccessible to foreign tourists, and until 1964 to travel to this wonderful and mystical land, was exclusively for the hardy climbers and explorers of the unimaginable. In recent years with the advent of tourism programs and the linkage by air with the outside world, travels to this land of adventures became a possibility. In its immensely diverse and undulating topography, varied climate and mix of people combine to produce a magical attraction for outsiders. Many of these foreign visitors come to trek one or more of the many beautiful trekking regions now open by Nepal Government.